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MODE provides the option of a one-stop shop solution to developers and investors to cover design, manufacture, project construction and delivery. This fully-integrated approach allows for considerable risk reduction, together with time and cost savings across the whole development delivery process.

We also offer an abridged service where a client’s design team is retained and works using the MODE system principles to create a feasibility and concept design that is Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) aligned and which we then provide detailed design, cost and schedule solution for. The client’s design team can be fully retained to be the guardian of architectural and engineering integrity.

Similarly, we are able to offer a site integration service to undertake all enabling works and site completion works beyond just the install of the modules. Alternatively, we can offer a module supply and install service only subject to the client having a separately sourced solution for site works.

We are keen to work as part of integrated teams that can exploit the full potential of our system. It is ultimately the client’s choice as to how much of our offer is adopted on any project.


Our AI enabled design service means that we can design buildings to manufacturing grade information or RIBA stage 5 in a fraction of the time that it takes normal design teams to undertake the same process.

Our offer
Our offer

Our in-house design teams are all leading industry experts in modular construction. Unlike a normal design process, we have fully integrated the manufacturing and supply chain into the design process. This means that we overcome the considerable issues that exist between a design process and the procurement process in the normal development of buildings.

Our platform designs are already fully coordinated, fully cost-optimised and fully compliant with all relevant building control standards. This enables projects to be taken to planning, manufactured and developed more quickly and all with a much more reliable cost position that can be determined at the beginning of the development process.


MODE have formed initial partnerships with a selection of Europe's largest modular manufacturers enabling us to produce many thousands of units per annum through multiple technically accredited sources. Our partners are fully integrated into our platform, meaning that are technology led design process is fully linked to dynamic pricing, supply chain management and manufacturing execution planning. The end result is a manufacturing output focused on quality of product and with high levels of cost predictability

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This approach is very different from what happens in traditional project delivery where developers and investors often end up with low-quality buildings being built, driven by a fundamental disconnect between design teams and contractors, their subcontractors and their product supply chains.

Our manufacturing partners are pre-qualified through proving adherence to the strictest advanced product quality planning control procedures

Project construction and delivery

The MODE platform is commercially controlled through a unique framework alliance contract that includes the main entities involved with a project's delivery. The insurance backed model, replicates a more traditional lump sum procurement model to ensure fundability but binds the primary parties together with completely aligned interests in the outcome of the project. We recognise that the behavioural realignment of delivery teams through innovative enterprise level procurement models is as important as the move towards digital and manufacturing thinking. Our offer is unique in creating a simulated vertically integrated business model where multiple stand alone businesses come together and are rewarded contingent on the success or failure of the end outcome..

Our offer

Depending on the specifics of any given project, our offering will deliver a pre-manufactured value (PMV) of 70-80% ie this proportion of the end development is manufactured in factory with the remainder being done on site works like any traditional project. This means that 70-80% of a building’s content is undertaken in a factory-controlled environment where quality control is paramount, risk and wastage is lowered and there is efficiency of process over and above what happens on a typical construction site. High PMV delivery but with mass customisable design goes to the heart of our model.

Our team members have all been involved in large-scale project delivery and our management team have been responsible for over £1bn of construction contracts. Our core proposition has been closely informed by awareness of current market failures in modular delivery and the growing direction of travel towards promoting practical and low risk innovation from commissioning clients. We are also very close to government policy development and the concerns and needs of the funding and insurance markets to enable modular delivery solutions to ultimately be deliverable in the mainstream development market.

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