Welcome to the future of development delivery. Sustainable thinking through
design. Sustainable delivery through
selective partnerships.

Development Market – Overview

Projects are costing

more and taking longer

than developers plan for

Project teams are designing bespoke buildings all the time.

Design coordination issues are commonplace

Contractors and subcontractors are pricing risk

Build Costs are all all time highs putting

pressure on project viabilities

Hugely complicated project delivery routes with multiple layers of risk and overhead and profit

Keep calm and carry on

doing the same thing

Modular Market – Overview

Significant Interest from Developers in Modular

A Good Starting Point

Disconnect between designers, manufacturers and developers

Most modular solutions are project specific

Manufacturers unable to provide proper pricing to market due to design process for modular

Developers not being provided with key information to enable them to make decision to go modular

Lack of clarity of process to carry our modular design and construction

Funding issues around bank lending

Lack of conversion of developer making key decision to go modular

How can manufuactures be successful?

Lack of standardization in modular manufacturing. Each project is bespoke, often with lack of scale

Order books are lumpy and uncertain

Manufacturers are having to expend significant resource on business generation with mixed success

Very difficult to manage cross border

All the above are keeping production costs high

Create standardization of product unlocking efficiency of manufacturing process and cost rationalization

Allow manufacturers to concentrate on manufacturing. No involvement in lengthy design processes

Provide for a continuous supply of modular demand

The above is impossible without changing the way buildings are designed and developed