MODE is a fully-integrated modular design & delivery platform that fundamentally disrupts a broken industry process.

Welcome to the future of development delivery.


We provide a one-stop solution for developers, investors and landowners, spanning the complete design, manufacture and delivery of real estate assets.

Our technology-enabled, market-leading modular solution allows clients to gain much earlier certainty and to significantly enhance returns through high speed optimization set within a full understanding of real world constraints such as site and planning context.


Our market-leading approach

Our modular system is the result of a unique partnership between proven designers, manufacturers and integrators who have combined to form an integrated delivery team. There are 3 particular aspects of the approach that we bring which when combined are unique:-

  • The modular design platform is capable being used by any developer led architect and town planning team to deliver a unique site solution subject to adherence to parametric rules
  • The product is capable of being manufactured through multiple supply chain routes, subject to accreditations, overcoming potential nervousness from the development finance market on sole sourcing manufacturing
  • The delivery approach retains the ability for on-site integration and completion to be done either by MODE or by a 3rd party if that is the preference – becoming a ‘supply only’ offer where developers have their own construction capability and more appetite for retained risk

This flexible approach allows us to streamline and bespoke our overall offer and to ‘plug and play’ into a vast variety of different development needs respecting the fact that development needs will vary from a complete turnkey including planning design and complete site delivery, through to a pure modular system supply only offer.