MODE has developed a modular design and delivery platform that seeks to overcome the shortcomings in many existing volumetric modular product offerings. Our approach has been carefully considered to ensure it is mass customisable and allows high quality architecture to flourish, it is technically robust from a fire safety, durability and repairability perspective and in turn it is insurable, mortgageable and investible. The system uses well understood, inert building materials configured using accepted principles. However, the increasing risks of traditional site based workmanship variability are eliminated through factory working and stringent digital assurance. This also brings significant productivity and commercial benefits to our clients. Benefits include a recognized tier one insurance backed new build.


A digital approach

The Mode model is driven by a digital thread and enables mass customisation of designs. It uses well-known, proven inert construction materials as part of its chassis and can outperform traditional build across commercial, programme and quality parameters.

Our digital design platform not only enables mass customization but can provide instant digital workflows from design to manufacturing & integration pricing at a much earlier, pre-planning stage of the development process. This offers developers unprecedented levels of certainty and transparency against a backdrop of what is an increasingly opaque, dysfunctional market.

This is the future of residential construction.

Fully Designed at outset

All of our platforms are fully designed to production drawing standard. This means we can guarantee a fixed price, minimising risk and enabling cost certainty far earlier in the development process than can otherwise be achieved. This is critical in the period prior to planning so that land acquisition, and planning viability can be confirmed without the risk of an uncoordinated design and a QS estimate being found wanting in a post planning detail design phase. This front loading of the development design and pricing process can be executed quicker than traditional working and allows consultant fee spend to be re-profiled towards true value add services.

Our modular design can replicate the most sophisticated designs within shorter time frames and without compromise.

AI technology

Our system design approach utilises an industry-leading Artificial Intelligence based generative design tool which links to automated costing and scheduling. As this is linked to a manufacturing production platform, the outputs are quasi-retail price level certainty This enables us to design, cost and programme building delivery in a fraction of the time that it takes for normal teams to undertake these manually intensive but still ultimately inaccurate processes.

Maximum flexibility

Our system designs have been developed with a manufacturing ethos at their heart but are ultimately capable of being flexibly adapted by architects to suit the vast array of constraints that we know face most development sites. Our designs do not have to look ‘modular’ and this is a key challenge from many architects and planners towards the use of many existing modular systems that are too constraining. We are offering unlimited choice only restricted by adherence to some key parametric rules. Ultimately anything can be delivered but we will flag early the commercial penalties of solutions that do not align to our system parameters.

This approach facilitates a modular system that can be delivered across multiple residential development typologies and specification levels, from high rise towers to low-rise housing and from luxury to social housing internal fit out standards.