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Simplifying the process

Through utilising MODE’s system design we enable Developers and Design Teams to incorporate decades of design work and experience and carry out best in class Modular scheme design and delivery.

The developer and the project control the process rather than the manufacturer. MODE’s system is open source, it can be manufactured anywhere in the World.

Designers, manufacturers and clients can carry out modular building development with the benefit of a system design that ensures when the project proceeds to manufacture, all the efficiencies, all the value engineering behind the system and ultimately all the experience embedded in the system design are utilised for the project.

Developers can be provided upfront costing backed up by manufacturing grade information. Project viabilities can be underwritten very early on in the design process. Developers and their design teams can move forward with confidence.

In working with MODE’s system, projects are incorporating RIBA Stage 4+ information in to their initial designs. A lot of coordination risk is taken out of a buildings design process.

You can specify interiors, specify layouts, specify architecture but with MODE’s system you are designing the project for manufacture from the outset.

Enhanced Cost Certainty

Fully Coordinated Design for Manufacture

Unlocking Perfect Modular Solutions